Our Aircraft

Saga Boy Air Charter uses the Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft, it’s the most versatile, dependable, go-to aircraft that will meet all your flight requirements – personal, corporate or freight. Cessna Grand Caravan boasts one of the most successful and highest level of safety track records in the aviation industry.

Whether you’re going on a shopping spree to Florida, cargo trip to stock-up your private island or reaching out to your son on a bone-fishing jaunt in the family islands, the Grand Caravan is more than up to the challenge. And this extraordinary aircraft can change roles quickly by converting from passenger seating to a hardy cargo hauler in less than 30 minutes, doubling its duty. With a timeless high-wing design that offers so many practical benefits, including greater stability, outstanding visibility, sun blocking and inclement weather protection. The high-wing design also results in a simplified preflight inspection and easy access to pilot, passenger and cargo doors. The Caravan is famous for its short take off & landing capabilities, making it perfect for the Bahamas smaller runways. Cessna Aircraft Company has been around for more than 80 years, picking up a thing or two about safety along the way. Today’s Caravan has evolved through years of meticulous quality testing and pilot feedback & most importantly unmatched safety resulting in peace of mind and confidence when you take to the skies.

Wherever you want go the Bahamas, Cuba,  Florida or greater Caribbean region, your excursions far and wide will always be comfortable, well-provisioned & safe.